over 55 years of experience

Walter B.
Saginaw, MI

The agents at E A Becker & Associates provided excellent service in that they provided me with an explanation of my marketplace options and worked with me to find my best options. They were very responsive when I had questions and would return messages usually the same day, sometimes the following day. Their knowledge and professionalism turned an initially daunting situation into a very manageable task.

Amy C.
Midland, MI

Rebecca was very responsive and answered all of my questions completely. She also informed me on what my best options were for my bottom line. She helped me understand my options and was straightforward and informative and this was useful. Also, since I missed her initial return phone call, she followed up with an email, and also provided a call back immediately after I phone tagged her. I was pleasantly surprised by her level of customer service during the initial inquiry.

Sean R.
Clio, MI

I had no clue how to go about shopping for a new group employee health insurance policy, as I am a new small business owner. I was given E A Becker & Associates contact information from a friend and read positive reviews, so I called and I am so glad I did. They were very knowledgeable on different aspects of the Affordable Care Act and provided me with info and advice on what particular policy would be best for my new business. Once I made my decision, they walked my employees through the application process, and answered their questions with ease. It was one of the easiest and most pleasant transactions that I have had establishing my new business. I was really stressed about the whole insurance situation and dreading wading through the laws and policies and Becky was able to answer all my questions and really simplified the issue and explained things so that it was easy to understand.

Kim N.
Saginaw, MI

We have been working with E A Becker & Associates for over 20 years. They have always demonstrated a commitment to helping our company find the best benefits for our employees. Our questions are always met with timeliness and thoroughness. The personalized services are by far the biggest reason we have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with them.

Sandy S.
Saginaw, MI

I have worked with E.A. Becker for the past ten years in my current position and actually had worked with them several years prior where I was previously employed. I can honestly state, E.A. Becker has always been extremely receptive and responsive to questions and concerns over employee health insurance and other employee benefits. Becky Tobias has been our representative and she has done an outstanding job keeping us abreast of the ongoing changes we all are currently facing in offering employee healthcare benefits. Becky is organized, detailed and up to date which allows her to provide the excellent customer service we have come to expect from her. I would strongly encourage any employer to talk to Becky to determine if she can meet their needs and exceed their expectations. It will be time well spent!

Heidi M.
Midland, MI

I have been consistently impressed with the support both our staff and myself as plan administrator have received from E. A. Becker. I know I can always depend on their staff to provide any answers I am looking for, complex or not.